Exploring Jimmy Dore’s Boogaloo Bullshit - with Special Guests Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa

June 13, 2021 01:06:56
Exploring Jimmy Dore’s Boogaloo Bullshit - with Special Guests Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa
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Exploring Jimmy Dore’s Boogaloo Bullshit - with Special Guests Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa

Show Notes

Welcome to the #Idavox Report!

Tonight’s special guests are Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa! It is our honor to have them back on the #Idavox Report. Rod is an artist and reluctant documentarian whose most recent projects include art films which he directed. His latest documentary, “2020: The Dumpster Fire,” is about the civil unrest of 2020.

Lauren Pespisa is a longtime activist, talk show host and producer. She has been a part of Occupy (Boston), Anonymous and other left wing movements and produced multiple podcasts targeting the Boston area. She currently works as a producer and in front of the camera along with Rod. 

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[June 8 #Idavox Report With Daryle Lamont Jenkins & Brian Powers featuring Christian Perez, Rod Webber, and Lauren Pespisa]

Boogaloo Bums

The reason that we asked Rod and Lauren specifically back onto the show is because they were on Jimmy Dore’s podcast to confront him after he platformed a member of the Boogaloo “movement.’ Jimmy Dore is known as a comedian with somewhat of a left-wing leaning. Just because the Boogaloo bum, also known as Magnus, has aligned itself with certain aspects of the left, doesn’t mean we should accept him. 

Sure, he said he supports Black Lives Matter, but we need to stay aware that Magnus is also actively aligned with certain hateful aspects of the right. He vocally and openly supported Kyle Rittenhouse. He is still very much a fascist. 

The Boogaloo “Bois” are a group of people that seek to exploit unrest in order to start a second American civil war. This war will happen, according to Boogaloo members, when the right no longer feels like it can win elections. The movement began to emerge in the 2010s in online spaces. As the right continues to feel threatened in American, the Boogaloo movement gains members.

Doxxing a Fascist

An organization called the Lone Gunman has doxxed Magnus (also known as Mr. Magnus Prividya.) His real name is Zackary Dougherty [aka Zakk], and he was born in August of 1992 in the Detroit suburbs. According to the Lone Gunman’s tweets, Daughtry and other Boogaloo members were publicly dishonest about their intentions, secretly plotting to instill chaos in the country. One People’s Project published an article detailing this series of incidents.

Rob went onto Dore’s show 10 days after he had Magnus on to discuss the fact that he gave a platform to a Boogaloo boy. Rod describes Dore as a man who he agrees with on some things but starkly disagrees with on others, noting that “he has his head up his ass”. Some people claim that Jimmy has been contrite about having a Boogaloo bum on his show, however, this is not true. Jimmy has indeed actually demonstrated that he understands what platforming is and has used it intentionally for the benefit of a member of the Boogaloo movement.

Christian describes Jimmy Dore as “left-ish”, remembering that he hasn’t been a fan of his for a while. “He does care about people,” remarks Christian, but Rod reminds us that he is also a troll. The panel considers the market of the contrarian left. As Youtube commenter Punks For Progress points out, Dore is the gateway for disgruntled liberals into actual fascism. 

Is Jimmy Dore Relevant?

There are people who like to think themselves left to feel good but are actually bigots deep down. Shows like Dore’s are perfect for that market because Dore’s message is not truly that of the left. No one on the left would platform a Boogaloo Boi, especially not without immediately apologizing afterwards.

Plugs and Information

Lauren’s ongoing podcast, Renter’s Radio, is a weekly livestream that discusses the issue of increasingly high prices for housing in Boston, where rent control is banned. Lauren is committed to helping those facing homelessness through her podcast, which covers helpful information such as local elections. 

You can find Lauren on Twitter. Rod has a website as well as a Twitter. Also, Rod does art and posts it on his Instagram. 2020: The Dumpster Fire will be coming out very shortly; the papers were just signed.

Stay Connected

Daryle is a member of the Antifascist Unity Coalition. AFUC is involved with several mutual aid projects and food banks. If you are interested in the organization or getting connected with mutual aid, contact Daryle or visit http://daysofunity.org/. They’re always getting involved in new projects.

Idavox is the newsline for One People’s Project and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or their website. One People’s Project can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Daryle himself is on Facebook and Twitter. The One People’s Project also accepts donations through Daryle’s Cash App account, $NotoriousDLJ

Until next time, everyone, stay safe and stay informed.

-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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